The Mansfield Municipal Court Website will provide you with an overview of the operations and jurisdiction of the court as well as access to court records and scheduling information through our case management system. The site also offers information on special programs such as Specialized Dockets, contact information for court personnel and a recent updates section with news releases and other relative material.

Mansfield Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all of Richland County with the exception of the Shelby, Shiloh, Plymouth (Richland County) and six northern townships.

The Court is established pursuant to section 1901.01 of the Ohio Revise Code. The Court has 2 judges and 1 magistrate in the General Division. The judges preside over civil, criminal, and traffic cases and conduct both jury and non-jury trials. Judges also conduct criminal arraignments and initial appearances on felony cases, set bond on criminal charges, issue search warrants, and impose sentence when a defendant is found guilty of a traffic or criminal charge.

The court has two operational components which include the Judiciary and Administration which are overseen by the Court Administrator. The Court Administrator is the chief executive officer and reports to the judges of the court.

Mansfield Municipal Court is also a recognized leader in the development of “problem solving or therapeutic court dockets” or what are referred to across the state as Specialized Dockets. The Court currently has 4 Specialized Dockets which include Veteran’s Court, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court and Treatment Court. Each Specialized Docket links community resources with defendants to address needs identified in a formalized assessment and treatment plan. The focus of therapeutic programs is to reduce the costs associated with repeated incarceration by reducing recidivism and the need for detention while protecting victims and the rights of law abiding citizens.

A recent Mansfield Specialized Docket Recidivism Rate Study revealed that offenders who successfully complete Specialized Docket Programs have a success rate of 80% at 12 months following completion. These outcomes combined with an evaluation completed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health which determined Mansfield is saving thousands of dollars in additional incarceration costs with specialized programing place our court among the most successful and efficient in the State of Ohio.


Judiciary – To safeguard the constitutional rights of all citizens and to provide equal access to all; professional, fair, and impartial treatment; timely disposition of cases without unnecessary delay; and a just resolution of all court matters.

Administration – The mission of the employees is to implement the policies and procedures established by the judiciary and the legislature in a professional and dedicated manner, and to ensure accessibility, fairness, accountability, and courtesy in the administration of justice.