Courtroom Etiquette and Rules

With the exception of on-duty Law Enforcement and Probation Officers, NO weapons of any kind are to be brought into or near the court. This includes, but is not limited to: firearms, lighters, brass knuckles, switchblades, ammunition, explosive devices or material, caustic chemicals, chemical mace/pepper spray, flammable materials, chains, cat eyes (key ring) large straight or safety pins, stun guns, toy guns/knives, handcuffs/handcuff keys, knitting needles, fingernail files, hammers, screwdrivers, and nails. Any cutting instruments, which include knives, pen knives, scissors, box cutters, carpet knives, razors, etc.

Law Enforcement Officers appearing in Court on personal matters shall NOT carry a firearm or other weapon. All Officers MUST present an official photo ID card.

No persons, except for Law Enforcement, Attorneys or court personnel, are to have contact with or give prisoners any items or materials.

Cell phones or recording devices of any kind are not permitted in the Courtroom.

Pagers or other electronic devices must be turned off before entering the Courtroom.

No food drinks or muddy/soiled shoes are permitted in the building.

To assist you in making a good presentation in court, the following is proper court dress:

  • Remove hats, coats, hoods, and sunglasses upon entering the building for security reasons.
  • No pajama pants or clothing that looks like pajamas.
  • No muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops or spaghetti strap tops.
  • No shorts.
  • No short skirts or other revealing clothing. Undergarments must be covered.
  • Do not wear clothing with profane, obscene or suggestive writing on the clothing.


  • Children must be quiet and seated in the hallway at all times.
  • Children are not permitted in the courtroom at any time unless approved by the Judge.
  • Disruptive children interfere with the court proceedings. Parents with disruptive children will be asked to leave the building.