Juror Information

Jury duty can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you have never served before. We want to make sure you know what to expect during jury duty so that you feel as prepared as possible when you are called to serve.

Our staff is committed to making your jury experience a positive one. This website is intended to answer many of your questions. However, if additional questions or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact the Court.

Message from the Judges:

Jury service is extremely important and the Court values your willingness to serve. We understand that jury service may be cumbersome and appreciate your willingness to serve. We thank you for your dedication to our community and to our criminal justice system.

Jury service is one of the highest expressions of citizenship and you should be proud of your service as a juror. Whether you are selected to serve on a trial or not, the Court and the litigants sincerely appreciate and value your time.

Jury trials are typically scheduled the last full week of the month. Jurors are selected to serve a 4 month period, however, you are only scheduled for one day per month during that 4 month period. For example, if you are selected to be a Tuesday juror, you will be scheduled for jury duty on the Tuesday during jury week for four months.

You will be asked to call in to a recording the night before you are scheduled for jury duty. The message will indicate if you are needed and the time to report or if you are not needed and when you should call the number again.

Please call the number for the Judge that you were selected to be a jury for:

• Judge Ault 419-755-9621
• Judge Ardis 419-755-9624

Please keep in mind that messages will not be checked on these lines. If you need to speak to someone, please call the Bailiff at the number listed in the Contact Information section.

Please place the parking pass on the dash of your vehicle and park at any metered parking spot close to the City building.

You will be required to report for Jury Service on the second floor of the Mansfield Municipal Court, City of Mansfield Complex, 30 North Diamond Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902. The entrance to the building is off of Park Avenue. If you are not selected for service on the designated dates, you will then be excused until your next date of service. Please keep in mind that our jury trials most often are completed in one day, but they could extend beyond that one day, or beyond 5:00 p.m., depending on the cases scheduled. Please arrange your schedule accordingly for each of your jury service dates.

Upon arrival at the Court for a trial, you must first submit to security screening by metal detectors located in the lobby. Any object considered to be a weapon or that is deemed unacceptable by the Bailiff’s/Security will be confiscated and/or dealt with appropriately. You will then proceed to the hallway outside the courtroom and wait for the Bailiff to escort you into the courtroom.

We ask that you remain in the hallway until you are accompanied into the courtroom or released. Due to the nature of the court process, there may be periods of waiting before jurors are escorted into the courtroom. You may bring a book, cell phone, or another quiet activity to pass the time. Please refrain from bringing iPods/mp3 players, cameras, recording devices or hand held video games. While you are seated in the Courtroom cellular phones and tablets must be turned off.

The Bailiff will be available to answer any questions and to help make your jury service comfortable and convenient. Please do not hesitate to ask the Bailiff to address your needs.

Casual, comfortable attire is suggested, but use good judgment and dress appropriately. Appropriate attire maintains decorum and demonstrates respect for our laws and Courts. The Court requests that jurors not wear hats, sunglasses, shorts, sweatpants, or tank tops. We suggest dressing in layers due to fluctuation in temperature in our facility.

The Court provides parking for the disabled, a wheelchair ramp, and assisted listening devices. If you have any other special considerations, please contact the Bailiff.

Please complete the jury questionnaire and personal information sheet. If you have special conflicts on particular days during the term, the Court may excuse you on those days only. You may request an excusal for any of the following reasons accompanied with sufficient documentation:

  • Juror is 70 years of age or older and requests to be excused.
  • Recent death or dangerous illness of the juror, their spouse or a near relative.
  • The juror has a mental or physical condition that renders the juror incapable of performing jury duty.
  • The juror is no longer a resident of Richland County.
  • Juror is on active duty in the armed services.

All requests must be submitted in writing accompanied with supporting documentation. Requests will be reviewed and you will be contacted after it is reviewed.

Your employer may not terminate, threaten to terminate, demote, or otherwise penalize you for missing work while performing jury service. Additionally, your employer may not require you to use available vacation or sick leave for time spent responding to a summons or serving on a jury. Such vacation or sick leave time, if available, may be utilized at your discretion regarding jury duty leave. Please see Ohio Revised Code § 2313.19 for specific information.

If you need an excuse for your employer, please advise the Bailiff upon arrival.

The Mansfield City Complex is a smoke-free facility. However, you are permitted to smoke outside of the building during breaks or lunch.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Bailiff for the Judge that you were selected to be a juror for: